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About Ngamer01's Portal
It started on 12/15/02 when I was running the comic called Mega Man: The Hunt for Wily (HFW), a comic set between Mega Man 7 and 8 in which Mega Man had to stop Dr. Wily again from taking over the world. The site at the time was a small and simple site on Angelfire that went by the name of "The Hunt for Wily Comic Site". On 7/23/03, I started the comic called The Chronicles of Samus Aran (CSA). It was a parody version of NES Metroid.

When CSA began, I overhauled the site and began calling it "Ngamer01's Comic Site". On 11/9/03, I began to revamp early HFW comics because I realized that I had made many common rookie errors since HFW was my first ever comic series. Even though I was still a young comicer, I came to learn presentation early on mattered in trying to hook new readers. So I did what I could to improve on the parts that were lacking in HFW.

Misc Things (MTC) came to life on 12/8/03. It was a comic featuring random humorous skits and other what not. A month or two later, HFW was ended because I got tired in fixing the various errors in the comic. CSA was also ended because parody comics of games are unoriginal to do. On 3/6/04, Detective Rock (DRC) began. It was a comic about Rock surviving through the Cataclysm with the remaining members of his family to become a detective of Metropolis P.D.

However my site just couldn't handle the traffic since Angelfire was hosting it. This led me to search for new hosting when I lucked out. One NessTheHero allowed me to move my site to his domain and for a number of years (and across a few domains), I had stable hosting. On 9/17/04, Mega Man: The Wily Factor (TWF) began. It was an attempt to revive HFW's story in a new form. On 10/15/04, MTC and TWF were ended.

MTC was killed because face it--I sucked at humor. TWF ended cause Mega Man fighting to save the world from Dr. Wily is a dead genre. On 4/30/05, Metroid Fusion X (MFX) began. It's set after Metroid Fusion in which Samus had to investigate what's happening on Planet Sarin and what the Space Pirates were up to there. In January of '06, DRC ended because I got bored with working on it. It remains to date the longest running comic series ever produced by me.

On 1/17/06, I began a project to revamp my early MFX comics. However in late '06/early '07, things in real life drew me away from sprite comic making. During the next year/year and a half, I tried to do what I can when possible into overhauling my site and finding a way to bring MFX back out of hiatus. In May '08, I decided to end MFX due to constant real life matters interfering that killed my drive/inspiration to make comics.

This decision also led me to get out of sprite comicing altogether, so this led me to change the name of my site to "Ngamer01's Portal" since I was going to no longer make comics. In March '08, I started my Brawl snapshots gallery later adding Brawl stages to it. Later on in 2008, NessTheHero was unable to keep hosting me, so I was without a host again. I couldn't go back to Angelfire, so I searched around. Luckily the staff of Chozo Sanctuary saved my hide.

They gave my site a new home to which I'm still at today. On 9/2/11, I added a 3DS 3D Gallery to my site to showcase my 3D pictures made/taken with my 3DS that I got for a birthday present. On 11/12/14, I added the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Animal Crossing: New Leaf galleries to the site. On 2/24/15, I added the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Gallery to the site. A few years later in early 2018, I decided to discontinue all picture galleries (except hosting the Resource Center content) because it caused my site to grow too large beyond my maintenance limits (I don't have the time I used to for operating a website).

All material that is not already © by others is ©2002-2018 by Ngamer01. This is a non-profit site hosted by Chozo Sanctuary.