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3DS Screenshot A site that mainly aggregates stereoscopic 3D images of numerous 3DS games. Visit this using your 3DS's Internet Browser!
The Adventures of Mario and Luigi See the day-to-day life of Mario and Luigi as they raid fridges for food, travel the lands, and battle unwelcome foes.
Another Side What if Kieran's The Other Side had another side?
AshhBearr's YouTube Channel If you like Pokémon Let's Plays, give AshhBearr's stuff a watch. She also plays other games like Left 4 Dead 2 on occassion.
AWKWARD ZOMBIE A weekly comic centered around those awkward moments in video games and real life.
The BG HQ A site dedicated to providing backgrounds to people who want to make fan projects like sprite comics.
Bob and George, The Comic Strip! The adventures of two brothers in the Mega Man universe. You'll never look at Mega Man the same way again. Bob and George is also the home of MS Paint Masterpieces.
Bob and George: The Wiki A fan wiki setup to list everything about Bob and George: The Comic Strip!
Brawl in the Family A gag comic mostly centered around the hijinx of Kirby and the rest of the Smash Bros. crew.
Brief Brief is a light-weight feed reading extension for Firefox. It's designed to be easy to use and streamlined with exactly the right set of features.
brusspup's Illusions and Science Prepare your be blown! With science!
Chozo Sanctuary The spiritual successor to Nintendo's former Luminoth Temple forums and a great place for mature discussion about video games.
Coming Up Violet The sequel to Fur Will Fly, this comic focuses on Violet's life during high school.
Cosmic Scoundrels The exploits of two intergalactic bachelors on the run from everyone. Some material may not be suitable for kids.
Crash & Bass A pair of Wily bots become crime fighters in the future. Mirror of site with working archives.
Crowded Street Advanced, Inc. Home of several comics including Kieran's The Other Side.
CyberBotX's SNES Animations A site showcasing some SNES sprite animations made by the insane killer robot, CyberBotX!
DATAROM! A cursed college student, his robots, and his friends engage in strange, bizarre adventures.
deviantART A social network for artists and lovers of art. Some content may not be appropriate for kids.
New!Eeveelution Squad This comic is set in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon world and is about a group of different Eeveelutions that deal with day-to-day life, bad pasts, and the perils of beserk Pokémon. This comic has strong violence so viewer discretion is advised.
Exploding Rabbit You can find the popular fan game Super Mario Bros. Crossover here. Enjoy classic Super Mario Bros. as Mario or the other NES characters!
Final Smash! A comic that pokes fun at various characters and things in the Super Smash Bros. series.
Fur Will Fly What happens when a human male is mysteriously teleported to an alternate dimension where the people are anthropomorphic animals? Do also check out the sequel Coming Up Violet.
Game Fails When it comes to fails in video games, you can view the best and latest in viewer submitted content here!
The GaMERCaT Just the wacky misadventures of a cat that is obsessed with video games.
GoNintendo What are YOU waiting for? This is the top fan news site covering everything in the world of Nintendo.
Homestar Runner A Flash animated cartoon series with the most popular feature being Strong Bad E-mail where Strong Bad answers fan e-mails humorously.
The Homestar Runner Wiki A fan wiki dedicated to listing everything you need to know about Homestar Runner.
New!Homestuck User: Go read awesome adventures! Now! I'd start with Problem Sleuth, the story of three detectives and their exploits.
Kirby's Rainbow Resort The top fansite dedicated to everything about Nintendo's cute little hero from Pop Star, Kirby!
Kiwi Blitz The adventures of a couple teenagers who fight crime in the not-too-distant future.
Lwelyk's Legos You can see Lwelyk's Lego creations of video game characters here!
Metroidhat A personal website of Eyes5. You can view Eyes' fanwork and see the fan-translated version of Nintendo's Metroid manga.
mozillaZine A user community dedicated to helping other users with problems with their Mozilla products. MozillaZine is not affliated with Mozilla.
MS Paint Fan Adventures User: Go read awesome fan adventures! Now! If you're a fan of MSPA, you owe it to yourself to see what the fans have cooked up here!
Newgrounds The top site for Flash movies and games. Some content may not be appropriate for those under 18 years old.
NoPUNintendo Video game puns ahoy. These puns are punful... I know, that was terrible.
Norm Feuti Cartoons The personal website of Norm Feuti. From here you can check out Retail which presents a hilarious look at the retail industry.
The Perry Bible Fellowship A surreal, mature comic not for the faint of heart. Sadly the complete archives aren't available (it's to make the author's book more special).
Planet Zebeth Metroid with a twist! This takes everything you know about Metroid and turns it on it's ear.
Pokémon: Rising Shadows The adventures of an unusual trio who are accidentally dragged into a ancient battle that could upset the balance of the world. Violence can be on the strong side, so viewer discretion is advised.
New!PMD: Adventures of Team Sunflower A small abandoned Pichu named Muro teams up with a very cheerful Petilil named Koko who seems to have more following her than Muro wanted.
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: On Borrowed Time A "Nuzlocke" PMD comic that retells the story of PMD: Explorers, but with "Nuzlocke" rules and the main character is an Alolan Vulpix and her partner is a partially evolved Shinx.
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Victory Fire A PMD comic running since 2012. A human girl has been brought into the PMD world and she must find a way home by getting help from some very unlikely allies. This comic is known for blending in many of the elements of the entire Pokémon franchise.
Pouetpu Games Home of the Super Mario Flash series. If you like the 16-bit Mario games, you'll feel at home playing Super Mario Flash 1 and 2.
Raiders of the Lost Mind When a guest author copies Planet Zebeth, Kraid corrupts during the copying. Samus and Ridley must save him by entering his mind.
RetroGameZone The site is a good source of sprites which you can use in your fan projects.
Ron Planet Ron Planet is the last astronaut on Earth and boy does his job suck. The near-future has never been such a letdown!
Sandra and Woo A webcomic about love, food, and other important stuff. Be sure to check out the site's other webcomic, Gaia, here.
Secret of Mana Theater Heroism. Unrequited love. Pancakes. If you loved Secret of Mana, this Flash series is for you!
New!Shinka: The Last Eevee Rebooted from previous versions, this tells the story of an Eevee and Quilava while darkness approaches their world, killing the world bit-by-bit, life-by-life. Can the duo stop the darkness from destroying everything?
The Shyguy Kingdom A decent sprite site with a wide variety of sprites. If you need something for a fan work, you can probably find it here.
The Spriter's Resource The top sprites site on the web. If you need something for a fan work, you can probably find it here.
Sprites, Inc. The top Mega Man sprite site on the internet. If you need Mega Man sprites for your fan works, make this site your 1st stop!
Starmen.Net The top Mother/EarthBound site on the internet! If you don't go, I'll make something spin around!
StupidFox A series about Stupidfox's interactions with things and other beings around him. Is Stupidfox really stupid or just misunderstood? You decide.
Stupid Short Eevee Comic Do you think that a Pokémon has nothing to do while in the PC? Well, you're wrong. Join Eve, Glaceon, Umbreon and the 100+ more Eevees in the box as they do really stupid stuff.
Tales of Elysium Another PMD comic featuring a Riolu and a Totodile who go in search of a mysterious island named Elysium. This comic has strong violence, so viewer discretion is advised.
Total Jerkface Home of Happy Wheels, a bloody and gory hilarious game. Again this site is not for kids. User discrection is advised.
2Kinds Can the human male with amensia and a dark past coexist with those that were enemies in his past while he recovers his memories? Some content may not be appropriate for kids.
Unshelved Follow the day-to-day events of the Mallville Public Library staff as they deal with everything from bad patrons to budget cuts.
The Video Game Museum An unofficial museum for video games. You can visit here and look at video games of the past.
VG Cats Good if you want video game-based humor and satire targeting the video game industry. The site is also home to Super Effective, a Pokémon Gen 1 parody. The largest source of screenshot maps on the Internet with thousands of maps of your favourite video games!
Warbears They bring war to enemies of peace. You can play the first three WB missions, relax with the puzzle mission, or go hang out with the citizens of Bedtime City.
Yar Kramer's First Reality Three Neo-Samurai and their friends battle the Star Chaser Darklumen. If you like your comics that play on RPG tropes (especially Final Fantasy), give this a read.
Zany Video Game Quotes A site dedicated to bringing you crazy quotes from video games. It doesn't matter how the crazy quotes came to be, if it's zany you can find it at ZVGQ.

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