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Submission Rules for Submitting to the Resource Center
1) You may submit sprites/BGs that are custom made or edited.

2) You can submit files in BMP (ZIP 'em first!), GIF, or PNG format and if you're submitting spliced/edited files, please include the sources used in putting together those sprites/BGs (don't want thievery, do we?).

3) If you're submitting multiple files, ZIP them up.

4) If I consider your submission(s) acceptable, you'll be notified that your submission(s) will be added to the appropriate RC section(s). And you will get credit for your submission(s) in some form or another.

5) You can submit any submissions to the RC to my E-mail address. Just click on the E-mail Ngamer01 icon above (the one with the envelope on it) and indicate in your subject that you are submitting to the RC (this is so I don't mistake your submissions for spam).

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